Recipes With Honey

Mother Nature's Treat

Recipes with honey are much healthier than recipes with sugar. Honey has many medicinal uses in contrast to sugar, which is very toxic. See Sugar the Sweetest Poison.

You can substitute the sugar in your recipes with honey. Honey is a lot sweeter than sugar, so you only need half as much honey as sugar. Buy local honey if you can.

Pure honey has an indefinite shelf life. This makes it a great food storage ingredient. Good honey crystallizes and gets hard. You can melt it using your Solar Cookit on a clear day - it takes about 45 minutes. Or you can set your tub of honey in a pot of boiling water.


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Honey has many medicinal uses:

  • If you have allergies, eating local honey can be beneficial. Bees collect pollen from local plants. Small amounts end up in your honey. As you eat the honey, you gradually build up a tolerance to the allergen.
  • Here are a few highlights from another article:
    Health Benefits of Honey

    • Local honey is healthier for you than the manufacturer processed honey you find on Supermarket shelves. Much of the honey on Supermarket shelves comes from overseas. Keep in mind that store-bought honey is pasteurized and all of the beneficial bacteria has been "cooked" out of it.
    • Honey has a low calorie level. Although it gives great energy to the body, it does not add weight. Its free sugar molecules make the brain function better, thus, reducing fatigue.
    • Easily digested by the most sensitive stomachs. It helps kidneys and intestines to function better. Honey helps with stomachaches and dehydration. It's effective in the treatment of Ulcers.
    • Good source of antioxidants: It plays a big role in the prevention of cancer as well as heart disease.
    • Conditions your skin and hair
    • Helps a sore throat – honey and lemon juice
    • Natural antiseptic. Kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus making it a good substitute for wound dressings. It is used for treating burn wounds
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