Sugar - the Sweetest Poison
excerpt from my book
"Food for Light"

by Nina Larisch-Haider
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Sugar is a readily available carbohydrate. The body needs to process very little in order to extract energy from sugar.

Sugar exists naturally in many foods like fruit, vegetables, cereals and dairy products. At the same time the body brakes down other more complex carbohydrates to sugar. Therefore in a balanced diet the body does actually not need additional sugar.

When you consume more sugar than the body needs, a lot of energy is used up to neutralize the excess and the body is robbed of vitamins as they are needed to metabolize.

For example: eating chocolate or a cake containing refined sugar without supplementing vitamins, the body will have to fall back on is own vitamin reserves. In the long run this will lead to deficiency symptoms.

Contrary to this, natural sugars are usually contained in smaller quantities, like in a carrot, and are naturally connected to vitamins.

The process of refining the sugar commercially and the greater supply of honey has caused people to sweeten their meals a lot more, not realising its effect on their body.

The food industry also sweetens meanwhile almost all its products.
Subsequently people consume about 100 times the amount of sugar compared to hundred years ago.

The consequences of excessive sugar consumption are disastrous:

The pancreas is overextended, having to produce much higher quantities of Insulin in order to balance the bood sugar level.

Ultimately the whole system breaks down and the body responds with accumulating excessive acid waste.

Excessive acid waste is the cause of many ailments: From Acne, constipation, food allergies to Asthma, bacterial and fungal infections, Bronchitis, dark circles under the eyes, depression, to more advanced symptoms like Arthritis, Cancer etc.

And there are more consequences: Once the saliva turns acid it dissolves the enamel of the teeth and facilitates the growth and access of caries bacteria and others, which turn prefer an acid environment. Our dentists get rich out of it.

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