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Here's a little about us. John and Jennifer have been married for 20 years, have 11 children, and live in Paradise, Utah. You can see pictures of the family all over the website.

John and Jennifer

Provident Living Today came as a result of wanting to share many of the things we’ve learned over the years. We still add a few pages here and there, but with over 400 pages on the site, there’s plenty of information to get you started.

John has been a general contractor for most of our married life. With so many people loosing their homes, the demand for new homes is not what it used to be.

This last year we’ve seen a miracle in our family. When we look back at our income in 2011, we realize that we earned as much this last year as we used to earn in a month. How can you raise a growing family on that? I don’t know. That’s why it’s a miracle.

This much I do know. We’re happier than we’ve ever been. We have sufficient for our needs. And we haven’t incurred any debt.

Willis Family 2014

Applying the principles taught on this website have been very beneficial, but there's more to it. God keeps telling us to trust him and not try to figure it out. We haven’t figured it out but know that God has been watching over us.

On January 5, 2012 we started a family blog, A Little Peace in Paradise. Our top three priorities are God, Family, and Freedom. We’ll share our thoughts and experiences as we seek to know God. The blog will also be a family journal made public. Freedom is vital in preserving our relationship with God and safeguarding families. As world powers seek to destroy our freedoms, we believe in preserving and restoring liberty.

We welcome you to join us on our family blog
as we share this journey we call life.

A Little Peace in Paradise

This picture was taken on top of the mountain behind our home.

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