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#10 Cans are not at LDS cannery anymore 
Do NOT send people searching for #10 cans to the LDS Cannery or LDS.ORG site. They only sell pouches and oxygen absorbers. They no longer sell #10 cans. …

MANY people are suffering & dying NEEDLESSLY! Two main reasons: LACK OF KNOWLEDGE (Hosea 4:6a), 2. LACK OF DISCIPLINE! I'm an evangelist, public speaker, …

Keeping an Aquaponic Garden for Emergencies 
I'm just in a townhome, but I'm able to have a 200 gallon aquaponic system out back. My current garden gives me about 40 ft^2 of growing space, but I have …

Canning Your Meat 
With having 10 children we do a ton of canning, drying and freezing. We have always mostly froze all the meat that we raise but, I wanted to do some canning …

Why not use H2O for fuel with a hho generator? 
I have discovered that MANY of us ARE GETTING MUCH BETTER MPG & POWER with a hho generator on our vehicle. They can also be used to heat a building!

Health Benefits of Raw Honey 
I just recently learned a valuable lesson that has helped my life. 1 to 2 tablespoons of RAW honey just before you go to bed gives you sufficient glycogen …

Tapping your Box Elder Tree potential 
A few years ago, I was helping my neighbor trim his box elder trees. For us, here in eastern South Dakota, box elder trees are the "scrub tree" that …

What do you do when your oven repairs are too expensive? 
This last week we had a big wind storm, and the electricity went out. That happens often enough, but when the power came back on, the electronics in our …

Amazing Cinnamon and Honey 
Yes, I know the claims are extreme but honey has been shown to have some interesting characteristics. It is anti bacterial and helps wounds heal and cinnamon …

The Heart of a 7 Year Old and Humanitarian Aid 
As a family, building our food storage is a way of life. Our children are learning at a young age the importance of following our Prophet in getting prepared …

Food Storage - Include Your Four-Legged Friends! 
So, you've got your food storage calculated to the last bean. You have space set aside for your pantry, and you are building up the basics. Great! But, …

Emergency Preparedness - Candles 
When the lights go out you really need candles, but the problem with them is that they can easily tip over, even in a good candle holder. A month ago …

Preparing Your Vehicle For The Winter 
Have you ever considered what you might do if you are driving on the freeway in the middle of the winter and something occurs that stops all traffic for …

Indoor gardening 
I do garden outside in the winter using double hoops/high tunnels, cold frames, and a greenhouse built into the side of a hill, which has some passive …

Children Building
"THEIR" Food Storage
"If ye are prepared ye shall not fear". It is very important to us that our children learn now at a young age the importance of being prepared for whatever …

Why We Love Freeze Dried Foods 
Our family likes to stock up on freeze dried foods for our long term storage. They have a long shelf life which makes freeze dried foods perfect for the …

EP- Food storage/Earthquakes Not rated yet
Spread it around, don't put all your eggs literally, in one place. It needn't be far away, just around the property helps. All over the UK we have mining …

Write Me a Book! Not rated yet
I would love to see you convert the content of your website into a book I can purchase at Amazon! I need this all in hard copy so that when we finally …

Preparedness and more "What If..." Not rated yet
I was asked to post my "what if..." comments here that I had sent in... so hope they help inspire some who are still thinking about preparedness' benefits. …

Sugar - the Sweetest Poison
excerpt from my book
"Food for Light"
 Not rated yet
Sugar is a readily available carbohydrate. The body needs to process very little in order to extract energy from sugar. Sugar exists naturally in many …

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