Emergency Water Purification

Kits Made Affordable

An emergency water purification kit is portable, affordable, and gives you many different ways to purify your water.

. . . Clean, safe, drinking water is a necessity.

Complete 6 Item Kit
With New Made in the USA Water Filters

water purification Kit 5 Items

Customize your own kit, or purchase a complete kit, giving you a few different methods to purify your water in an emergency situation.

Complete Kit $210 Free Shipping

Choose your own colors:

Solar Cookit out of stock until January 2015 so the complete kit won't be available until then. You can still order the individual items in the kit:)

Complete Emergency Water Purification Kit Includes:

  • Ceramic Water Filter, Spigot, and Small Sock (buckets not included)
  • Giant Water Sock
  • Backpacking Water Filter
  • Water Bottle with Filter
  • Water Pasteurization Indicator
  • Solar Cookit

Ceramic Water Filter

Ceramic Gravity Water Filter

You can have clean drinkable water for every day use or in an emergency situation.

Here's a practical, inexpensive, but very effective, ceramic water filter that you can use for emergency water purification.

It is described as, "A ceramic, half-micron water filter. The micron removes water-borne bacterium." It removes 100% of the giardia and E. Coli plus 24 other harmful contaminants.

Click on the link for more details on the ceramic gravity water filter. Water Filter Spigot & Sock

Ceramic Filter

You can use any food grade container. Number 10 cans to Waste Baskets can be used in place of buckets. Click on the link for instructions on drilling the holes in your buckets.

Giant Water Sock

Giant Water Filter Sock

Bacteria and Viruses like to hide on particles. You need to take the particles out of the water before you treat it with iodine or chlorine. You can do this with a giant water sock.

Giant Water Sock $15.00

This filter sock and a bottle of polar pure are great additions to your 72-hour kit or backpacking gear. Using these two items together will make your water safe to drink.

Another use for the sock is to help preserve the life of your ceramic filter. Pre-filter your water before you put water in the gravity water filter.

DO NOT use this filter sock as a stand-alone filter. The sock will filter water down to 1 micron. It is 10 wide inches and 30 inches long.

Backpacking Water Filter

Backpacking Water Filter

With a backpacking water filter, you don’t have to worry about hauling clean drinking water.

$55.00 Backpack includes Bladder and Filter


Fill your hydration pack with contaminated water, and drink filtered water while you walk. If you enjoy hiking and camping, you’ll love this. It’s also perfect for emergency water.

Here is a complete filtering system in backpack form. Inside there is a 3-liter bladder with a ceramic filter attached. Dirty water passes through the filter and out the attached tube to a bite-down mouthpiece.

Water Bottle with Filter

Water Bottle with Filter

Have safe, clean water wherever you go. This portable water bottle with filter accepts water from floods, lake, rain, well, tap, river or stream.

It's a complete water filtering system in a bottle. Pack this travel water filter in your suitcase for your next vacation. Put it in your backpack and take it hiking. You can also use it everyday at the office, school, and home.

3-Pack Special - While Supplies Last
Three Water Bottles for only $45
Dark Green, Light Turquoise, & Lime Green

Color Choices

Try Our New Made in the USA Water Bottles

Made in the USA Water Bottle

Quantity Discount
Color Choices - Water Bottle #1
Color Choices - Water Bottle #2

WAPI – Pasteurization Indicator

Disease causing organisms in water are killed by exposure to heat in a process called pasteurization.
Solar Water Purification WAPI Since thermometers are not accessible to many people around the world, there is a need for a simple device that indicates when water has reached pasteurization temperatures and the water is safe to drink. Click here for more in formation on the WAPI. WAPI $9.00

Solar Cookit

Solar Cookit

If you have sun, you can always have clean water to drink. You can also cook your food without having to pay for fuel. Use the Solar Cookit to purify your water and cook your food.

Solar Cookit $60

Out of Stock until January 2015

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