EcoZoom Rocket Stove

The Rocket Stove Has Been Improved. The EcoZoom stove is a biomass or charcoal cookstove that is great for outdoor cooking. You can use it for emergency preparedness, canning, camping, hunting, just cooking on your patio and much more.

The stove is portable, powerful, and easy to use. It gives off more BTUs than most propane stoves and you can control the temperature just as easily. You also get to use fuel that is all around instead of dealing with propane tanks.

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ECOZOOM Products

Zoom Dura - Wood Burning Model

Wood Burning Rocket Stove


  • Refractory metal liner on ceramic combustion chamber
  • Abrasion-resistant, lightweight ceramic insulation
  • 6-pronged universal cast iron stove top
  • Adjustable galvanized steel Pot Skirt
  • Stick support with installation sockets
  • Painted sheet metal body with reinforced doors
  • Kiln-fired removable bottom tile
  • Plastic and steel handle


  • Stove: D - 10 3/4 in. H - 11 1/2 in
  • Door: W - 4 1/2 in H - 4 1/4 in
  • Shipping Weight: 21.5 lbs/9.75 kg

Zoom Versa - Wood/Charcoal Burning Model

Zoom Versa Rocket Stove


  • Refractory metal liner on ceramic combustion chamber
  • Abrasion-resistant, lightweight ceramic insulation
  • Two internal grates to hold both wood and charcoal
  • Two hinged doors
  • 6-pronged universal cast iron stove top
  • Stick support
  • Adjustable galvanized steel Pot Skirt
  • Painted sheet metal body with reinforced doors


  • Stove: D - 11 in. H - 12 1/2 in
  • Upper Door: W - 4 1/2 in H - 2 3/8 in
  • Lower Door: W - 2 3/8 in H - 1 3/8 in
  • Shipping Weight: 26.75 lbs/12 kg

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Stove Benefits

Less Fuel

  • The EcoZoom rocket stove cooks with far less fuel than an open fire. It is ideal for cooks in areas where fuel wood is scarce. Twigs and small branches make excellent fuel for this stove.

Less smoke and particulate matter

  • EcoZoom stoves are designed for more complete combustion than an open fire. They give off much less smoke and 70% less particulate matter and other harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide.

Fast & Easy to Use

  • Cooks can boil 1 gallon of water in 20 minutes using just 3 one-and-ahalf inch diameter, 12 inch long sticks of wood. One additional stick is enough to simmer for another 45 minutes. The stove is easy to light and maintain the flame.


  • This stove is designed and built for cooking three meals a day everyday. Cooks in the developing world often use it continuously for 6-8 hours a day. The EcoZoom stove is proven to last in these conditions.

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Child by Open Fire

Lots of People Need a Stove

Every year 1.9 million people die from exposure to smoke from traditional cookstoves and open fires; 85% are women and children.

EcoZoom is part of the movement to get cookstoves to the three billion people in the world who need a safer, healthier, more efficient way to cook.

When you buy a rocket stove from EcoZoom they will send one to a cook in need. This buy-one-give-one program is called Z+. Stoves from the Z+ program go to cooks all over the globe.

Learn more about the need for clean cookstoves on the EcoZoom website.

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