Couponing 101

You can be successful with couponing 101 if you have the right tools. I’ve “tried” couponing several times just to end up being frustrated and I wasted a lot of time. Sound familiar? Just like any job, having the right tools makes all the difference.

I’m going to divide this information up into several pages, so this page doesn’t get too long. Here’s how to navigate the coupon pages:

Click on the big red buttons or blue links to read additional information on any topic.

I’m going to tell you about my favorite way to coupon. It saves both time and money. It Soooo Easy! Watch out -- Saving money can be addictive!

Host a Couponing 101 Class

Host a Coupon Class Link

Our team would love to come and teach a couponing 101 class for you and your friends on how to save big money on your groceries. This is for those who live in Utah.

Full article – Host a Class – Click Here

3 Smart Coupon Tips

3 Smart Basic Coupon Tips Link

  • Buy in Bulk – Stock up while it’s on sale.
  • Maximize Your Coupons – This is where it gets really exciting.

  • Discounted Newspapers Link

  • Buy Multiple Sunday Newspaper Subscriptions - More newspaper coupon inserts = bigger savings. We have a super deal on discounted newspaper subscriptions.

Full article – 3 Smart Coupon Tips – Click Here

Coupon Filing System

Coupon Filing System Link

Have you ever tried couponing before and it just doesn’t work? It takes too much time to organize and clip the coupons.

Let me show you a coupon filing system that’s so easy to use. It takes about 2 minutes to file your coupons each week. Then forget about it until it's time to shop.

With the free GrocerySmarts online tools, you don’t have to clip your coupons until you’re ready to use them. Use this simple coupon filing system and save a bundle of time and money.

Full article – Coupon Filing System – Click Here

How to Navigate GrocerySmarts Website

Coupon Tools Link

If you’re a coupon clipping newbie, let me show you a few tips when navigating (Passport Code g84sjw). This website is incredible. Someone has gone to a lot of work to maximize your coupons and provide this online coupon tool.

They match the sales up with the coupons so that you save a bunch of money. They also list non-coupon sales so that you can plan your menu around perishables that are on sale this week.

Full article – Using the GrocerySmarts Online Tool – Click Here

Shopping Trips

I can shop all by myself Coupon Shopping Trips Link

I’ll post a few of my shopping trips, so you can see how it works. I’d love to see your hot shopping trips.

Send us a picture and tell us about your super savings. If you don’t have a picture, that’s ok.

We still want to here about the bargains you’re getting. Even if it’s just a short note with the bottom line, share the excitement of a fantastic shopping trip.

Full article – Shopping Trips – Click Here

Catalina Coupon Link


What’s a Catalina Coupon? Learn how to use the Catalina Deals to further increase your savings.

Ask a Coupon Question or Post a Coupon Tip

Do you have a question? Ask it. We'll see what we can do to answer it. Or if you have a great coupon tip? Tell us about it.

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