Preparing the Heart


After creating over 300 web pages on physical preparedness, I have felt to talk about preparing the heart. Physical preparedness is incomplete without preparing a place to experience peace and joy.

These thoughts that I share with you are my own. If they help strengthen your testimony of Jesus Christ, then praise Jesus. If these words assist you in coming unto Christ to receive His rest, then glorify God. I take credit for any faults in these words.

I do not represent any organization or group. My husband and I live a simple life with our children.

We are on a journey back into the presence of God. As men and women, our words have no binding power, except when they are accompanied by the Spirit of God. If you come across an idea that is new to you, ask God if it is true. If you ask with a sincere heart, He will let you know.

When you learn a new truth, follow it. You will then be given more truth. If you’re not quite sure if something is true, put it on the shelf. If you’re searching with a true and honest heart, truth will resurface with new light and understanding. Falsehoods will fade away.

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