Gardening Vegetables

Vegetalbe Gardening - Dad Standing by Tall Corn

Dad’s been gardening vegetables for over 70 years. He can help you too . . .

If you are looking to increase your energy and enjoy abundant health, grow a garden. It’s relaxing and nutritiously satisfying to see and eat the fruits of your labors.

You save a lot of money while enjoying wonderful produce that tastes great.

Be self-sufficient and live providently today by growing your own food.

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Growing Vegetables - Click on the Picture Links

Growing Green Beans Link Growing Beets Link Growing Broccoli Link Growing Cabbage Link Growing Carrots Growing Corn Growing Cucumbers Egyptian Walking Onion Vegetable Gardening - Garlic bulbs link Growing Lettuce Link Growing Onions Growing Peas Link Growing Peppers Growing Potatoes Link Growing Summer Squash Link Growing Swiss Chard Link How to Grow Tomatoes Link Growing Winter Squash Link

Keys to Growing a Successful Garden

We will lead you through step-by-step instructions and help you be successful in growing food and enjoying your gardening experience.

Click on the Picture Links

Types of Soil Link Garden Worms Link Garden Weeds Vegetable Planting Guide Link Garden Watering Systems Link Drip System Link Starting Seeds Indoors Link Aqua Dome

You can start some of your seeds inside to give them a head start in the spring. See starting seeds indoors.

You can also use the Aqua Dome® to extend your growing season by up to 120 days.

The most important part about growing a garden is preparing your soil. Many people overlook this. Your plants must have porous, fertile soil so they can breath, grow, and produce.

How water is applied to your garden plants makes a difference. See Garden Watering Systems.

Using the right watering system is an important part of growing a successful garden. The Drip System works the best.
Garden Weeds - Learn how to have a weed-free garden.

pest control (in this area your garden is much like your body- the stronger your immune system is less likely you will be affected by disease and infection. Likewise, a healthy garden is less likely to invite pests and diseases.)

We will also provide information on planting zones and planting times.

When it comes harvest time, we teach you how to harvest your food along with some our favorite garden recipes.

You’ll also want to visit the Home Canning page to learn how to preserve and store your food for the winter. We'll share with you our first-hand experience in growing all of these garden vegetables.

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It's Time To Order

Plant your garlic in the fall.
6 varieties available.

Look at this! Onion seed grows on top of the Egyptian Walking Onion. These perennial onions are a unique, valuable addition to every garden.

Egyptian Walking Onion

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