Growing Fruit

We love growing fruit in our garden. Homegrown fruit is absolutely delicious. It’s nature’s dessert.

Dad's been gardening for over 70 years. He can help you learn how to grow fruit successfully in your garden.

Fruit is grown on vines, bushes, trees, or small plants. Most of the fruits are perennials, which means they come back year after year. This also means that you'll need to prune your fruit trees, vines, and bushes each year. We'll show you how to do this.

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Growing Apple Trees Link Growing Blackberries Link Growing Grapes Link Growing Melons Link Growing Raspberries Link Growing Strawberries Link

Pruning Fruit Trees, Vines, and Bushes

Pruning Apple Trees Link Pruning Blackberries Link Pruning Grapes Link Pruning Peach Trees Pruning Raspberries Link

Basics of Growing Successful Garden

Types of Soil Link Garden Watering Systems Link Garden Weeds

There are many ways to preserve your fruit see Home Canning, Dehydrating Food, Freezing Food, and Storing Food.

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Look at this! Onion seed grows on top of the Egyptian Walking Onion. These perennial onions are a unique, valuable addition to every garden.

Egyptian Walking Onion

Growing Fruit

Growing Apple Trees Growing Blackberries Growing Grapes Growing Melons Growing Raspberries Growing Strawberries

Pruing Fruit

Pruning Apple Trees Pruning Blackberries Pruning Grapes Pruning Peach Trees Pruning Raspberries