Canning Your Meat

With having 10 children we do a ton of canning, drying and freezing. We have always mostly froze all the meat that we raise but, I wanted to do some canning with the meat.

People have told me the meat is very tender when it's done this way. It's also great for those last minute meals when you are so busy in the garden or running kids around to lessons. You can just open a can and make tacos or over some rice. I plan on doing more meat in jars.

Has anyone else done this and what do you think of it as far as nutrition, etc.?

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Canning meat
by: Cheryl

I can chicken, ground beef, venison, and sausage all the time. I never cook the meat first, it will have more flavor. When canning venison, I add one beef bouillon cube to a pint with 1/4 cup of water. I add 2 beef bouillon cubes to a quart jar. Canning sausage is wonderful for biscuits and gravy. You can also can bacon by laying strips of bacon on parchment paper, roll up, fold in half and put in quart jar. We can a variety of soups. Chicken, turkey, hot sausage zucchini, beef stew, stuffed cabbage, tomato or any soup that is not milk based. Do not add noodles or rice until you are ready to eat the soup. Of course anything you can that has protein in it must be canned in a pressure canner.

canning meat
by: aurelid

My amish friends can ground beef and venison. They cook it first, pack it in quarts and pressure can for casseroles beef and gravy etc. It is very good. They have 9 children and can about 300 pounds each year plus chicken rabbit and pork chunks. They are great at preparing for a years worth of food with no electricity . Different theology but self prepared for anything.

I have canned meat
by: Debi

I have done the following:

Chicken- tenders are easier since they are smaller and fit in the jar neatly. If doing breasts, cut in strips (don't waste time "chunking" it) while semi-frozen, much easier. Don't process with any water or salt. Yummmy, shreds SUPER easy,makes its' own broth.

Beef- We made meatballs with ours (no sage) and cooked to a crisp in the oven first. They came out NOT crispy, and these are not my favorite. Must cook meat or it will come out like mush.

Breakfast Sausage- Don't waste your time!

Pork Spare Ribs- Heavenly! Boneless, but with fat, nothing added. Comes out tender and tastes like it's been in the crock pot all day. Want to try with beef ribs next.

Planning on doing turkey, same as chicken.
Hope this helps. Call your local extension, they are very helpful!

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