EP- Food storage/Earthquakes

by Beardy P

Spread it around, don't put all your eggs literally, in one place. It needn't be far away, just around the property helps.

All over the UK we have mining subsidence/quakes and cavities collapse, sometimes suddenly, and it can take whole houses down.

I tried to reply about canning storage and quakes but I don't use stalkerbook, but this applies to all food storage - use supermarket corrugated boxes to prevent shock damage, cordage or bungees as suggested to keep it on the shelves & sleeve jars with thick paper or card to keep dark and prevent chipping/breakage.

Add layers between boxes, don't store on the floor - use wood pallets or low shelves, secure racking to the wall to help stabilize both.(Kids will climb!) Ensure racking or a shelf over your goods, to prevent damage from falling wreckage and especially dirty water entering - irrespective of whether you are above or below ground.

A plastic tarp sheet over it all saves a lot and keeps it away from potentially envious eyes...and make sure other vermin are kept out/dealt with. The deer ate all my apples this year, I didn't see that one coming!!

I'm not a prepper, just old-fashioned.

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