Why We Love Freeze Dried Foods

by Baird

Our family likes to stock up on freeze dried foods for our long term storage. They have a long shelf life which makes freeze dried foods perfect for the future health of your family.

Within the last 5 years bees have been disappearing at an alarming rate. Bees pollinate our fruits and vegetables. If we continue down the road of disappearing bees then our fruits and vegetables will not only rise in price but we will have an even greater shortage than we do now. Because of this we have decided to store freeze dried fruits and vegetables as a source of peace to our minds that our children will always have them.

My father is diabetic. He is on a very strict diet. His diet MUST include greens. He is storing freeze dried fruits and vegetables. The green vegetables win out in his freeze dried storage due to his diet requirements. As his daughter it brings me great peace of mind knowing that in an emergency situation he will still have the necessary foods he needs in his diet......thanks to the freeze drying process.

Freeze dried meals are delicious and easy to make. All you need is hot water. You combine hot water with the meal, cover it and wait 10 minutes. A yummy meal is now ready for your family to enjoy. If you do not have a way of heating water you can use cold water. It will take more time but it will still work.

The meals are an excellent item to store. In an emergency situation no one has time to cook. Adding water to a freeze dried meal makes feeding your family easier in any emergency.

I consider it a blessing to have the wonderful option of freeze dried foods for long term storage. My advice to everyone is......stock up so that you can easily and quickly feed the ones you love.

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Freeze Dry Fruits and Vegetables
by: Anonymous

I am just wondering, do you freeze dry the fruits and vegetables yourself or purchase them? If you do it, how do you go about it?

Answer: You purchase freeze dried fruits and vegetables.

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