The Heart of a 7 Year Old and Humanitarian Aid

by S. Baird

As a family, building our food storage is a way of life. Our children are learning at a young age the importance of following our Prophet in getting prepared for whatever comes our way. This also includes.....sharing with those in need.

Last year when Haiti was experiencing a food crisis and people were eating dirt just to fill their stomachs, our 7 year old son expressed a feeling of sadness knowing that these people were hungry. He had a strong desire to do whatever he could to make sure they had food to eat.

This opened up a teaching opportunity. We expressed to our son that the church loves to help feed people who are hungry, but they can't do it without our help. We showed him on the tithing slip where he could donate some money to the Humanitarian Aid fund. The money he donates goes to helping people.

Humanitarian Aid has become very special to him as he donates as often as he can to help those who are hungry.

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