Write Me a Book!

by Peg Miller
(Columbus, Ohio)

I would love to see you convert the content of your website into a book I can purchase at Amazon! I need this all in hard copy so that when we finally do get off the grid (either by choice or as a result of a disaster) I can have this valuable resource at my fingertips.

So... write me a book! I would pay good money for it!

Reply: Wow, that would be a huge undertaking. How many people would really want to pay for a book when all this information is free on the web?

We named the website Provident Living Today to encourage you to start incorporating these principles today. Then you won't need a book or a website. It will be part of you. When the time to act is here, the time to prepare will be over.

If there are pages you want to print off the website for your own personal use. You can do so.

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