Children Building
"THEIR" Food Storage

by S Baird

"If ye are prepared ye shall not fear". It is very important to us that our children learn now at a young age the importance of being prepared for whatever comes their way in this world. Being prepared brings with it a feeling of peace and comfort. Instead of an emergency becoming a time of can be an adventure......if ye are prepared.

Through the years we have taken the opportunity to build our long term food supply from the LDS cannery. We have purchased in bulk many items. In doing so, we knew that we would need to check out their canning machine so that we could can the food in the comfort of our own home.

We noticed this as an opportunity to teach our children the importance of being prepared. Our children were included in the canning of our food in our kitchen. We would place 6 cans in front of each child along with a bag of food from the cannery. They filled the cans. During this time we talked about the importance of what we were doing.

Their names were placed on top of the cans and also on the boxes their cans were placed in. The smiles on our children's faces as they overlooked their accomplishments were priceless. We express to them our gratitude that they have contributed to our family's food storage, and when we use a can from "THEIR" food storage we thank them for helping to feed our family.

Our children have helped to fill buckets of food. They have also filled honey bears with raw honey. Whatever they filled......their names would go on that food item and placed in "THEIR" food storage.

We have been warned to be prepared. As parents to 4 beautiful children we feel it is our responsibility to teach them to be prepared throughout their lives. We feel a sense of peace knowing that our children are gaining a testimony of the importance of being prepared.

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"THEIR" Food Storage

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Great Idea!
by: W. Jacque MBA

The one thing children need most of all is a sense of responsibility. Including children in canning and food storage helps build this sense of responsibility - that their actions contribute to the well-being of the entire family. Also, it teaches them about nutrition, that good food is essential, whilst "junk" is a nonessential.

Passing on the Tradition of Food Storage
by: Jennifer

I love your idea of how you include your children in the process of building "Their" food storage.

When I was little, my parents gave me the stewardship of organizing and rotating our food storage. At a very young age I developed a love for food storage.

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