An All Season - Water Insulated - Plant Protector

The AQUA DOME ® is a plastic, water insulated dome that covers your plants and protects them from harsh weather year round.

Use the dome for cold weather gardening. Extend your growing season by up to 120 days.

You can plant your vegetables earlier in the spring and harvest them later in the fall. The dome also protects dormant perennials, such as roses, during the winter.


Gardening Aqua Dome

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    Height – 16” Top Opening – 6” Base – 13 1⁄2"

All Season Use

  • SPRING - Plant tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. up to 60 days earlier.
  • SUMMER - Protects plants from heavy rain, hail or wind.
  • FALL - Harvest up to 60 days longer.
  • WINTER - Protects roses and other dormant plants from winter, wind, sunscald, ice, snow and many pests.

Produce Strong And Healthy Plants:

  • The translucent plastic captures light from all angles and diffuses it to promote lush green growth.
  • The water insulation absorbs heat from the sun during the day, then releases heat at night to keep plants warmer.
  • The double walled construction, even without the water chamber filled, provides 10 times the insulating effect of a single wall providing improved protection for plants during cold, frosty weather.

Easy To Use:

  • Fill the water chamber quickly and easily through any fill spout with your garden hose.
  • Light weight - easy to move with one hand, even when filled with water.

Stackable Storage:

  • Easy to store - just over 1 square foot of floor space required for stacking.

Aqua dome covering rose


  • Rigid plastic construction provides stable self standing protection for plants during heavy rain, wind or hail storms.
  • UV protection resists deterioration from the sun for longer dome life.

Winter Rose Shelter:

  • Place AQUA DOME® over rose, and fill with 4 inches of mulch to protect roses from winter wind, sunscald, ice, snow and many pests.

Helpful Hints

  • Put a few drops of bleach in the water chamber to control algae.
  • Cover the top of the dome to help hold heat inside during hard frosts and cold nights.
  • Use the AQUA DOME® and mulch to protect your dormant perennials during the winter.
  • For longer life, store out of the sun when not in use.
  • Not likely to happen, but if the seal that holds the inner dome and outer dome together develops a hole, reseal with Weldon 16.
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