Benefits of Garden Worms

Garden worms are a valuable part of a healthy garden. Worms and organic matter synergistically work together to create rich, fertile, loose, well-drained, wonderful soil. Your plants love it!

Garden Earthworm

  • Worms eat the organic matter and convert it into valuable nutrients that plants can use.
  • The worm castings (worm manure) are rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and magnesium. These are important nutrients needed for plant growth and fruit production.
  • Worms loosen the soil. This makes it easier for the roots to grow and the air and water to circulate in the soil.
  • Earthworms increase the soils capability to retaining water and at the same time help with proper drainage.
  • Earthworms bring minerals and other nutrients that are located deep in the soil to the surface, where plants can absorb them.

Provide a good environment for your earthworms to grow and multiply by keeping your garden soil moist. Add a lot of organic matter because that’s what worms eat. You can also buy earthworms and add them to your garden. They are a valuable addition.

There are two types of worms that benefit your garden – Earthworms and Composting Worms.

  • Earthworms work in your garden. They build the soil by breaking down organic matter, and they loosen the soil around the roots of the plants. When ordering worms get the Alabama Jumpers for your garden. They are the hardiest of the earthworms and winter over better.

  • Composting Worms only live in organic matter. You’ll want to add composting worms to your composting pile. The more worms you have in your compost the faster it will be converted. When ordering worms for composting get the Red Wigglers. They will freeze, so do your composting inside during the winter. If you do it right, it won't stink.
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