Recipes for Corn

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There are many different kinds of recipes for corn.

Canned, frozen, and fresh corn recipes are pretty similar and can be used interchangeably. See How to Freeze Corn and Growing Corn.

A base for many Mexican dishes is corn tortillas and chips. Tamales use the corn husks. When they’re made right, they’re delicious.

Cornbread and chili make another great meal.

My favorite treat is popcorn.

The best way to eat corn is to pick it fresh and eat it off the cob.

Making your own cornmeal:

Grind dried corn using a hand grain mill. The electric mills that I’ve used grind the corn too fine. It comes out flour consistency instead of cornmeal consistency.

Recipes Using Corn

Easy Chicken Stew
Garden Vegetable Soup
Green Bean Soup

Homemade Cornbread

Granola Recipe

Homemade Popcorn

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