Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day with your family.

This month we've focused on adding recipes to the Recipe Box. We appreciate those who've added their favorite food storage recipes to the website.

After tasting the Thrive™ food storage products, I've decided to become an Independent Consultant with Shelf Reliance®. If you need help making a food storage plan for your family, I'd love to help.

If you live in Northern Utah and would like to host a food storage party, I'll bring some samples so you can try out the food. If you don't live in Northern Utah, we can have a party long distance. Contact us and we'll figure out the details.

We've added three general categories so that you can find recipes using specific food storage ingredients: recipes using eggs, powdered milk recipes, and recipes with honey.

For many years, we've used honey as an alternative to using sugar. After Nina submitted the article on the detrimental effects of sugar on the body, I did some research on the benefits of honey. A few of those highlights are listed on the recipes with honey page.

Healthy breakfast foods that have been added are: how to make crepes, crunchy wheat cereal, wheat berries, and oatmeal pancakes.

Healthy dinner recipes that have been added are: wheat meat patties, zucchini supreme, easy chicken stew, and another recipe for shepherd's pie.

New homemade soup recipes are garden vegetable soup and homemade chili. Don't forget homemade cornbread to go along with your chili.

Several recipes for side dishes were submitted to the website this month: cheese sauce, scalloped potatoes, bean dip, macaroni and cheese (Kraft style), and potatoes AuGratin.

We've added another gardening page on growing melons. There are some tips on what you can do if you live in a cooler climate with a short growing season.

Let your friends and family know about Provident Living Today and help encourage them to live providently today and prepare for future.

Have a Great Month,


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