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Make Polar Pure iodine crystals part of your water purification kit. Purify your water three different ways with this economical water purification kit.
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Iodine will kill 100% of the bacteria and viruses in the water. Iodine is a great option for backpacking or a 72-hour kit.

Bacteria and Viruses like to hide on particles. You need to filter the particles out of the water before you treat it with iodine. You can do this with a giant water filter sock.

DO NOT use this filter sock as a stand-alone filter. The sock will filter water down to 1 micron. It's 10 inches wide and 30 inches long.

A Few Alternatives

Since we can't offer Polar Pure at this time, here are a few other options that can be used for backpacking or emergency preparedness:

Backpacking Water Filter

Water Bottle with Filter

Polar Pure Iodine

  • Kills Giardia and Viruses
  • One bottle treats up to 2000 quarts of water.
  • Has an indefinite shelf life
  • Does not deteriorate with extremes in temperature
  • Is safe and fully effective to use as long as you can see iodine crystals at the bottom of the bottle
  • Small size and light weight makes it convenient for backpacking and travel
  • Essential for emergency preparedness

Polar Pure is Simple to Use:


      Get the "big stuff" out before disinfecting your water with Polar Pure. First run the water through a piece of cloth. Then run it through the Giant Water Filter Sock which will take particles out of the water down to 1 micron. Viruses and bacteria like to hide on particles. Removing the particles increases the efficiency of Polar Pure.


      Fill your Polar Pure bottle with water. Set aside. Solution will be ready to use in one hour.


      When your Polar Pure solution is ready, pour the required capfuls of solution into your container of water. A green dot on the dosage table on the Polar Pure bottle indicates the amount of solution required for treatment.

      Let the treated water stand (tightly sealed) for 20 minutes before use. Water that is colder than 68° F will take longer to treat.


      Refill your Polar Pure bottle with water and tightly cap. The solution will be ready to use in one hour. It is best to keep your bottle filled and ready to use at all times.


Iodine Crystals Bottle Cross Section

The unique bottle design keeps the iodine crystals from coming out of the bottle when you’re pouring the iodine out for water treatment. Your bottle cap is used to measure the required amount of Polar Pure needed to disinfect each quart bottle of water.

The iodine taste is usually unnoticed below 2-3 ppm. Any flavoring, sugar, or vitamin C can be added to the water AFTER the necessary disinfection time.

Running the water through a ceramic filter will also take out most of the iodine taste.

Freezing will not harm the iodine crystals. But after the bottle is filled with water, it's important to keep the bottle from freezing so that the glass doesn’t crack.

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