Ceramic Water Filter


This ceramic water filter is affordable and will filter out 100% of Giardia, E. Coli, Vibrio Cholerae and 25+ other harmful substances (Ceramic water filters Manufactured by Winfield and Black Jack Industries)

Ceramic water filter is manufactured to meet:

Ceramic Dome Water Filter

  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 42
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 42
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 53
  • ISO 9002 Quality Standard
  • USA AEL Laboratories
  • USA Analytical Food Laboratories
  • USA Johns Hopkins University
  • British 5750 Quality Standard
  • England’s Water Research council (WRc) Performance Standards

Removal capabilities as follows:

Using Ceramic Dome Water Filter in Paraguay

  • 99% Arsenic 5 and 99% Arsenic 3 (special order)
  • 99% Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • 95% Chlorine and Chloramines
  • 99% Taste
  • 99% Odor
  • 98% Aluminum
  • 96% Iron
  • 98% Lead
  • 90% Pesticides
  • 85% Herbicides
  • 85% Insecticides
  • 90% Rodenticides
  • 85% Phenols
  • 85% MTBE
  • 85% Perchlorate
  • 80% Trihalomethanes
  • 95% Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • 99.999% of particles larger than 0.5 micron, including Anthrax (Staffordshire University Labs)
  • 99.7% of particles larger than 0.3 micron (Staffordshire University Labs)
  • 98% of particles larger than 0.2 micron (Staffordshire University Labs)
  • 100% Giardia Lamblia
  • 100% Cyclospora
  • 100% live Cryptosporidium (WRc Standard)
  • 100% Cryptosporidium (NSF Standard 53 – A.C. fine dust – 4 log challenge)
  • 100% E. Coli, Vibrio Cholerae (Johns Hopkins University)
  • 99.999% Salmonella Typhil, Shigella Dysenteria, Kiebsiella Terrigena (Hyder Labs)

Ceramic water filter is silver impregnated

    Product is silver impregnated and will not permit bacteria growth-through (mitosis). It provides a hostile environment for all microbiological organisms and will not support their growth. Ceramic elements may be cleaned 100 or more times with a soft brush or damp cloth. The filtration efficiency is 0.5 micron.

Performance Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Good flow rate - up to 1 gallon of clean water per hour (gravity flow)
  • Up to 300 gallons per hour (pressure flow)
  • Accepts water from floods, lake, rain, well, tap, river or stream
  • Annual/semi-annual filter replacement
  • Cleans with clean, damp cloth
  • Extend shelf life by shaking filter every 3-4 months (to loosen media inside and prevent packing)
  • Once in use, filter will last 6-8 months
  • Capable of filtering arsenic, lead, fluoride, iron and nitrates (special order)

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