Preparing Your Canning Jars,

Lids, and Rings

. . . for Canning

Empty Canning Jars

To start canning you’ll need quart or pint size home canning jars. You can buy these at the local grocery store if you don’t already have some. If your family can eat a quart of food in one meal, buy the quart size. If you have a smaller family, buy the pint size. Washing Canning Jars

Wash and rinse your jars with hot, soapy water. I wash my jars in sets of seven, fourteen, twenty-one, etc. because my pressure canner holds seven quart jars at a time. (You can process less than 7 quarts at a time)

Your new jars should come with lids and rings.

I re-use my lids that are in good condition. As long as the lid is sealing properly, it is still a good lid. A seal is a seal. I throw away lids that are damaged and rings that are bent or badly rusted.

If you are using old jars, check the rims for nicks and cracks. Mark the jars that have small imperfections and save them for storing dried fruits and vegetables or throw them away – DO NOT USE THEM FOR CANNING.

Check to see if you have enough lids and rings before you begin. It’s awfully inconvenient to have to run to the store when you’re up to your elbows in food.

Make sure you Earthquake Proof your food storage room so that your glass jars don't break.

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