Dehydrating Apples

Dehydrating apples is a great way to preserve your apples. Dried apples make a delicious nutritious treat all winter.

Dehydrating Apples Equipment and Supplies

Supplies and Equipment

  • Fresh Apples
  • V-Slicer (an essential when dehydrating food)
  • Electric Food Dehydrator or Hanging Dehydrator

Here’s How to Dehydrate Apples

  1. Wash your apples
  2. Use the thinnest setting on your V-Slicer to slice your apples. The core doesn’t get in the way if you slice them from top to bottom instead of side to side. Don’t worry about the seeds. They’ll fall out after the apples are dry.
  3. Lay your apples on the dehydrating trays. You can sprinkle them with cinnamon, jell-O, or salt. Our family likes them plain.

  4. If you’re using a dehydrating food pantry, hang your trays of apples in a well-ventilated area.
  5. My favorite electric food dehydrator is the Excalibur. If you’re using the Excalibur, dry your apples for 7-15 hours at 135°F / 57°C.
  6. The apples are done when they are dry and pliable.
  7. After drying your apples, store them in an airtight food container. You can use glass, plastic, or metal. We make a lot of dehydrated apples so I store most of our apples in five gallon plastic buckets.

Enjoy eating this nutritious snack!


The Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Prep is one of my favorite kitchen tools. I use it a lot. My slicer is 15 years old and the blade still works great.

This is the only kitchen tool I have to make slices thin enough for dehydrating apple or zucchini chips.

I love it because you can quickly slice, dice, and chop your food. Another plus is that it cleans up fast and easy.

Click on V-Slicer Pro Mandoline to see a video demonstration. Note: The V-Slicer Prep is about $10 cheaper than the V-Slicer Pro. The Prep doesn't have the dicing capability of the Pro.

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