Boiling Water Canner

. . . Simple Instructions

    A boiling water canner is so easy to use. You’ll use this water bath canner when canning fruit.

    If you are canning a lot of fruit, get two of these – They are cheap and very handy. It really speeds up the processing.

How to Use Boiling Water Canner - one

Here’s how it works:

    Set your jars of fruit in the canning rack. Each rack will hold seven quart jars.

    Put the canning rack in the canner.

    Fill the canner with water. The water must cover the jars by 1 - 2 inches.

    Put the lid on the canner and turn the heat on high. You can use an outside camp stove when you are processing with your boiling water canner. It keeps the mess and heat outside.

Guidelines for Processing Times

When the water starts boiling set the timer. Process your fruit according to the following guidelines:

Apple Cider
or Apple Juice - Pints & Quarts for 10 minutes

Applesauce - Pints & Quarts for 20 minutes

Grape Juice - Pints and Quarts 15 minutes.

Peaches - Pints for 25 minutes - Quarts for 30 minutes

Spaghetti Sauce - Pints for 35 minutes & Quarts for 40 minutes

Tomatoes (Crushed or Pureed) - Pints for 35 minutes & Quarts for 45 minutes

- Pints & Quarts for 85 minutes

Remember to add time for Altitude Adjustments

How to Use Boiling Water Canner - two

The higher your altitude, the longer you process your fruit. The boiling water canner altitude adjustment chart shows you how much time you need to add to your processing time.

Here’s an example: I live at 5,000 feet above sea level, so I need to add 10 minutes to my processing time – 30 minutes for quarts of peaches + 10 minutes = 40 minutes. I process my quarts of peaches for 40 minutes.

When the fruit is done processing, turn off the heat and let the jars cool in the canner for 5 minutes.

Then take the jars out of the canner and set them on a towel to cool overnight.

Easy Huh?

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