Earthquake Preparedness

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Bungee Cords Holding Food Storage on Shelf Earthquake Preparedness

Part of earthquake preparedness is keeping your food storage safe. Chances that you’ll experience an earthquake are high.

What can you do to protect your food storage?

Plastic containers and cans will do better in an earthquake than glass bottles.

If you do a lot of canning, you’ll have glass bottles on the shelf. You need to find a way to keep them from jiggling off the shelves onto the floor. That would be a mess you don’t want to clean up, plus there goes all your food. Bungee Cord Hooks

Bungee cords work great. The bungee cord hooks right into the end of the metal pre-fabricated shelves.

When you’re unloading and reloading your shelves or just reorganizing things a bit, the bungee cords come off easily. When you’re done just put them back in place.

A little foresight now can save a lot of hassle and mess later.

When the earthquake hits don't walk around in bare feet. Broken glass can cause a major injury that's preventable.

James Talmage Stevens

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This is the grain mill that I've used for the last 20 years. It works great. I have some other grain mills as a back up, but I haven't used them yet. This one is still going strong.

If you're looking for a quality non-electric grain mill, this is a good choice. It easily adjusts from fine to coarse and grinds virtually all dry grains and legumes, including wheat, corn, beans, peas and amaranth.

The most important part of bulk food storage is getting your food. If you're looking for an inexpensive hand mill. This will work. It will not produce a superfine flour. It works OK for bread. You'll want to have some sort of hand grain mill in case of a power outage.

Dehydrated and freeze-dried food can add a lot of variety and nutrition to your basic bulk food storage. Check out the fruits, vegetables, legumes, and meat substitute.

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