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    Knowledge is Power. Use these emergency preparedness books to help your family be ready for a crisis, disaster, or emergency.

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    The Law by Fredric Bastiat

    This books has had a profound affect upon my life. Understanding the proper roll of government is critical in preserving a government that supports freedom.

    To read a FREE DOWNLOAD of this book click on the picture or click on The Law.

    James Talmage Stevens

    Making the Best
    of Basics

    Get this Family Preparedness Handbook today. It's an excellent resource.

    Just to give you an idea of the kind of great information you'll be getting, I've included FREE downloads of four of the twenty-seven chapters in this book.

    Getting Your Household in Order Free Download
    Your Personal E-Pack Free Download
    Game, Meats, Fowl, and Fish Free Download
    Basic Sprouting Guide Free Download

    Recipe Books Link

    Learn how to enjoy cooking using your food storage. Recipe Cookbooks for Healthy Food

    Wheat Cookin' Made Easy

    Cookin' With Home Storage

    Cookin' with Beans and Rice

    Cookin' with Powdered Eggs & Milk

    Cookin' with Potatoes

    Emergency Preparedness Made Easy

    Emergency Preparedness Made Easy

    By Pam Crockett

    Click on the Link to Learn More!

    Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook

    286 pages by Peggy Layton

    Click on the Link to Learn More!

    Food Storage 101 "Where do I begin"?

    107 pages by Peggy Layton

    Click on the Link to Learn More!

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    Post Grid - Not rated yet
    Post Grid is a good, clean EMP novel unlike so many out there. We have great reviews... This is one of more than 147 reviews at this time... By Cathy …

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