Whole Wheat Recipes

You’ve stored wheat. Now what do you do with it? Enjoy over 300 whole wheat recipes. There’s anything from sprouted wheat to whole wheat flour recipes.

Wheat Cookin' Made Easy

Wheat Cookin' Made Easy

Over 300 Recipes + Some knowledge about wheat

Wheat Cookin' Made Easy (Crockett's Corner, Vol. 1)

Eat what you store, and store what you eat! Just remember, make sure some of your storage is wheat!

Dedicated to families who have wheat in their food storage. Bless you for being prepared. May you have fun learning new ideas with your wheat.

All of the recipes in this book have wheat included, whether it be sprouted, ground, boiled, baked or fried...

Wheat Cookin' Made Easy on DVD

Wheat Cookin' Made Easy on DVD

This wonderful 50-minute DVD presents the basics of incorporating wheat into your everyday diet, including how to prepare wheat for cooking and how to grind it into flour. You will also see exactly how we prepare some of our favorite and most popular wheat recipes, allowing you to do the same right in your own home.

Wheat Cookin' Made Easy - DVD

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