Post Grid -

by Tony and Nancy Martineau
(San Tan Valley, AZ)

Post Grid is a good, clean EMP novel unlike so many out there. We have great reviews...

This is one of more than 147 reviews at this time...

By Cathy Northup

What an interesting and different aspect of a story, of a group of people who live in a small town after an EMP happens, and leaves them with no modern facilities. This is a story of a strong family and their close friends. The story is well written of how life and families continue and survives to makes do with how their world is now from the result of the EMP.

Post Grid has a little bit of all walks of life in it. such as love, religion, death, hunger and thirst. Whereas I enjoyed reading this book, recommend anyone to read it .. my own personal tastes in EMP books are normally a little bit more dark and not so perfect which is why I gave it 4 stars, instead of 5.

As I was reading, I noticed no editing issues, or misspelled words, which I think is great! Also this book could be recommended for all ages to read. It is a good clean book! Still another plus!

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