Catalina Coupon

Catalina Coupon

What is a Catalina Coupon?

“Catalinas” are also known as “check-out coupons”. You can use them just like you would use cash on your next shopping trip to that retailer. You’ll need to watch the expiration dates of these vouchers because they do expire.

Here’s a simple solution. Buy all your Catalina items on one receipt. Then run your bread, milk, eggs, and fresh produce through on another receipt. You can use your Catalina voucher to pay for the perishables. This way you don’t ever have to worry about your voucher expiring.

There are manufacturer Catalina coupons and store Catalinas. If you’re using a manufacturer Catalina, you can’t use a manufacturer coupon along with it. If you’re using a store Catalina, you can use it along with a manufacturer coupon.

Example of a Store Catalina

Example of  a Store Catalina

You can see how GrocerySmarts shows you how to maximize the Catalina by using it along with other promotions.

This is how I used this Nature Valley Catalina in with other offers.

Nature Valley Clusters:
Regular Price = $3.99
Fresh Value Sale = Save $1.50
Nature Valley Catalina = Save $0.70
Add Up the Savings Promo = Save $0.50
Manufacture's Coupon (newspapers) = Save $1.00
Bottom Line = $0.29 for each package

I wanted more than 15 Nature Valley Products. So I had the cashier ring up three separate receipts. This way I could take full advantage of the Nature Valley Catalina (Buy 5 or more get $3.50 voucher).
See My Coupon Shopping Trip August 12, 2010.

Catalina Nature Valley

To take full advantage of the Add Up the Savings Promo (buy in groups of 8), I added three other sale items to my 5 Nature Valley Products. I could buy 8, 16, 24, 32 … and still keep adding up the savings. The only reason I separated my receipt was to take advantage of the Catalina. The Add Up the Savings would have worked just fine without separating the receipt.

If you're using a Catalina with a different brand name like Nature Valley and Kraft Cheese, you can ring them up on the same receipt.

Catalina Nature Valley

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