Using Coupons on Nature Valley, General Mills Cereal, Yoplait Yogurt, Lady Speed Stick - Aug 12, 2010

by Jennifer Willis
(Cache Valley Utah)

Grocery Shopping August 12, 2010

Grocery Shopping August 12, 2010

I saved $94.38 this shopping trip plus I have a voucher for $5.50 to use on my next shopping trip. Grand Total Savings - $99.88.

I spent $38.28. If you subtract the $5.50 voucher. The whole shopping trip cost me $32.78 for 42 items. The average cost of each item was $0.78.

Just click on the pictures above if you want to see a larger image.

Here's what I bought:

This is the price for each item:

$0.98 - 8 Boxes of General Mills Cereal.
$0.29 - 4 Nature Valley Clusters
$0.54 - 4 Nature Valley 6 Count Granola Bars
$0.75 - 7 Nature Valley 6 Count Granola Bars
$1.42 - 6 Gogurt 8 Count
$1.29 - 1 YoPlus 4 Count
$1.29 - 2 Fiber One Yogurt Multipack 4 count
$0.38 - 4 Lady Speed Stick Deodorant
$0.33 - 6 Packs of Papermate pens (10 count)

Now here's the trick. I wanted more than 5 Nature Valley Products. So I had the cashier ring up three separate receipts. This way I could take full advantage of the Nature Valley Catalina. Buy in groups of five for this promo.

I also added in the Yogurt and General Mills cereal to each order so that I could take full advantage of the add up the savings promo. You have to buy in multiples of eight to use this promo.

Let me show you how it worked on the Nature Valley Clusters. This was my hottest deal this week.

Regular Price = $3.99
Fresh Value Sale = Save $1.50
Nature Valley Catalina = Save $0.70
Add Up the Savings Promo = Save $0.50
Manufacture's Coupon (Newspaper) = Save $1.00
Bottom Line = $0.29 for each package

BONUS: I was at Wal-Mart when I bought four packages of Schick razors. They each cost $1.97 and I had a coupon for $3 off each package. They were FREE + $4.12. Sometimes the give you the full $3, and sometimes they just set the coupon for the price of the product. Either way you win.

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