Vitamin C Ascorbate

The Right C

What are the benefits of vitamin C ascorbate during flu season?

What is the difference between ascorbic and ascorbate vitamin C?

Vitamin C Ascorbate - The Right Vitamin C

The Right C

Approximately 225 servings
1,000 mg per serving

$39.95 for 1/2 Pound

Currently Out of Stock

1/2 lb. = 227 grams
1 gram = 1,000 mg
1/4 t. = 1,000 mg

  • comes in 1/2 lb labeled container, bulk powder
    (cheaper than capsule)
  • 4 pathways into the cell
  • buffered
  • one of the latest generation in vitamin C bio availability
  • more effective than Ester C
  • not acidic and tastes good
  • has riboperine complex which aids in absorption

What are the benefits of
Vitamin C ascorbate during flu season?

This nutrient is one of the most important for human function, and it’s also one of the most thoroughly studied. Whether or not you succumb to the flu during flu season, depends in large part on the integrity of your immune system and your cells.

Vitamin C ascorbate protects the body from cold and flu viruses more effectively than other supplements and medications because of its ability to build immunity, attack disease-causing organisms, reduce congestion, and strengthen cells and tissue. It does all this by fortifying two particular functions...

  • Collagen construction and maintenance. Vitamin C supports collagen, a vital protein that strengthens the cell walls of the body’s circulatory system. Intact collagen protects the resiliency of tissue in the respiratory and digestive tract, repelling infiltration by dangerous germs. Healthier tissue is less likely to be vulnerable to infection.
  • Antioxidant protection. Vitamin C also is a powerful antioxidant that quenches reactive oxygen species and prevents cell damage from free radical molecules. Vitamin C renders mucous membranes and underlying tissue less vulnerable to penetration and replication of the virus. Some research suggests that it reduces the duration and severity of colds.
During a crisis, and specifically during flu season, you can strengthen the cell wall and thus create a protective coating around the cell by saturating your cells with vitamin C. Taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C every 2 hours when you have chance of exposure and/or have beginning symptoms of the flu, (chills, fever and body aches are all definite signs) allows the cells to then build a resistance to becoming sick by strengthening the cell wall.

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What is the difference between
ascorbic acid vitamin C and vitamin C ascorbate?

In your body’s pH, you need to be more alkaline than acidic to maintain good health. If you are acidic you are more prone to sickness and disease. When you are more alkaline and eat alkaline foods your body is more resistant to sickness and disease.

So in relation to vitamin C there are 2 main forms of vitamin C.

an ascorbate = alkaline
an ascorbic acid = acidic

When you take an ascorbate form it makes your body more alkaline. When you take an acidic form you make your body more acidic.

If you are taking an acidic form every few hours you are then making your body more acidic, allowing you to become more prone to sickness which is counter-productive to staying healthy and taking vitamin c in the first place.

By taking an ascorbate form you are then making your body more alkaline, thus making it more resistant to sickness!

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