Spice Traders

Spice Traders

The Spice Traders or Thieves Essential Oil is formulated to assist in protecting the body from the onset of flu, colds, viruses and plaques. It’s great to diffuse into the air during the winter.

History Lesson
Oils Highest in Anti-viral & Anti-Bacterial Properties
How do I use the Oil?
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Spice Traders Essential Oil

Extra Caution: HOT

Contains - Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Eucalyptus radiata, Thyme, Orange, Oregano, Nutmeg, Rosemary, Mandarin, Ginger Root and Citronella.

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This essential oil not only kills bacteria and viruses and creates a protective barrier, but it makes your home smell like Christmas. Instead of burning candles that have toxic by-products, diffuse this therapeutic grade Essential Oil into the air.

(Add 30-40 drops to one spray bottle that’s full of water. Shake before each use. You can also use a diffuser.)

History Lesson

Sometimes we have to go back in history to see what has worked and get the old information so we can use it. We have just lost it because of new technology, etc. What worked then will work now. This is great information to have when there is an emergency of any kind and we’re “in a pinch”!

There are many versions of the story of the Spice Traders and Thieves Essential Oil Blend. There was a plague in the 1400’s and then again in the 1700’s. There were stories written then about thieves and spice traders. Here are a couple of those stories.

  • “As the bubonic plague decimated Europe in the year 1413, four thieves were captured and charged with robbing the dead and dying victims. When the thieves were tried, the magistrate offered leniency if they would reveal how they resisted contracting the infection as they performed their gruesome acts.

    "They explained that they were perfumers and spice traders and told of a special concoction of aromatic herbs, including cloves and rosemary, that they rubbed on their hands, ears, and temples.” Source

  • “The thieves happen to have been merchants and spice traders, and that’s how they knew about the oils because they were importing cinnamon and clove from India and when the plague hit, the kings of the various countries sent out a mandate closing down inter-national commerce and shipping. So all of the ships were docked and they couldn’t sell and they couldn’t engage in their business and they were going broke.

    “The spice trade was a very lucrative trade and they made money at it, so they decided, “Well–all of these people are dying and they are afraid to touch them. We might as well go loot their bodies and take the things off and go into the homes where everybody is dead and take the things out of the homes, like pots and pans and jewelry and clothing and set up a pawn shop trade…” that’s when pawn shops evolved.

    “Of course, you have heard the story when the king issued the proclamation to have the thieves captured, but the constables were afraid to touch them because they knew they had been touching the dead bodies and going in the homes of the dead people, and they didn’t want the plague.

    “It became so severe that the king even executed a few of the constables that refused. Finally, it was a life or death issue, and as the story goes on there were four of them who were caught.

    "The king gave them an opportunity to confess the secret of their immunity, either with the choice of burning at the stake or being hung by the neck, meaning if they didn’t give up their secret they would be burned at the stake, and worse if they gave up their secret they would be hung by the neck–and they chose hanging. They gave up their secret and it was published and plastered all through the town.” Source

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Oils High in Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Properties

Each version of the stories list different oils that were used. No one really knows for sure which oils were actually used, but we know that they were spiced oils. We know that Oregano, Cinnamon,and Clove were oils that were traded at that time and because of the power of Cinnamon and Clove they were most likely two of the oils of choice. Source

Many Essential Oil companies have researched the oils that are highest in anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties. Oregano, cinnamon bark, clove, and citrus oils are some of the highest. Naturally, those were put into blends to serve the purpose of purifying the air and protecting the body.

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How do I use the Oil?

Spray on Masks -Hospitals had nurses spray essential Oils on masks during the time when outbreaks of TB were prevalent for an added layer of protection.

Spray into Rooms -You can spray liberally into rooms where sick ones are to help purify the air during recovery.

Apply Topically - Put onto skin or spray on clothing when around others or going out into groups for a “barrier of protection”.

So enjoy a method that's worked in the past and make your home smell great in the process!!

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Uses and Application

“Formulated to strengthen the immune system and is a powerful all around maintenance oil. It is beneficial against infections, inflammation, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, and microbes, a general tonic, supportive to the nerves, respiratory, urinary and circulatory systems. Because of the oils in this formula it helps protect the body from the onset of malaria, flu, colds and coughs. It assists in cooling a fever or warming chills, loosens and expels mucus, strengthens the digestive functions and liver, anti-spasmodic, supporting the adrenals, increasing energy and brings emotional balance. May assist with dental infections, strep, gum disease, throat infections, teething, cold sores, canker sores, pneumonia, sinusitis, bronchitis, headaches, nervous fatigue, infection, slivers and splinters (pulls to surface). calming, promotes healing and diffused may inhibit the spread of infections. Spice Traders contains oils considered anti-plague by the spice merchants living in England in the 16th century who used them to protect themselves from the plague as they looted the bodies of the sick and dying.

Application: Feet, diluted on throat and around ears, stomach, intestines. Dilute one drop of Spice Traders with 5 to 15 drops of massage oil and massage the thymus and under the arms to strengthen the immune system. Has been effective when massaged on the feet twice daily. Diffuse periodically 30 minutes at a time, especially if there is sickness in the home.

Caution: There are some hot oils in this synergy so use with caution and always dilute.” Native American Nutritionals

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