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“Born with A Silver Spoon”

What is Ionic Silver?

How is Silver being used now?

What makes Arise! different than other silvers?

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What’s the value of Silver?
Can you use Silver for Health?
What are the properties of Silver? Read on . . .

“Born with A
Silver Spoon”

Born With a Silver Spoon

The idea of a “Silver Spoon” which was used to describe the abundance of wealth that one possesses came as silver spoons in particular are very precious and considered expensive during past times and in many cultures.

Being wealthy coincided with the rich family’s healthy backgrounds as well. Children being fed through these silver spoons were believed to be healthier and acquired fewer illnesses as compared to other children that were fed through other metal spoons.

The wealthy ones during those times enjoyed the silver spoons anti bacterial effects, and silver pacifiers found wide use in America because of their beneficial health effects. So the term, “Born with a Silver Spoon” can refer to health as well as wealth!

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What is Ionic Silver?

Silver was actually a commonly-used antimicrobial 100 years ago, before the introduction of modern antibiotics. Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria, while at the same time pose risks related to resistant super-germs.

Ionic silver is increasingly being recognized for its broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antiviral qualities and the fact that it presents virtually none of the side-effects related to antibiotics.

Ionic silver is entirely non-toxic to the body. Reports of any pathogens developing resistance to ionic silver are rare. Some reports indicate it even kills drug-resistant strains of germs.

Ionic silver is the newer technology (patented in 2006) which produces a smaller molecule than the colloidal silver did. The molecule passes through the cell wall without any build up, which occurred with older colloidal silvers that caused argeria or a graying of the skin. So you get the benefits that silver has offered for thousands of years, with the newest technology, and no known negative side effects.

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How is Ionic Silver being used now? ?

The fact that silver is effective against a very broad range of bacteria is well established and, due to recent advances in the delivery of ionic silver, together with the problems associated with antibiotics, it is being used in a rapidly growing range of dietary supplements, medical, and industrial products.

Illustrating how serious this trend is, in a report published in April 2006 by Chemical & Engineering News about a new method from Nexxion for applying ionic-silver coating to catheters, IV needles, and other medical devices, the chief technical officer of the company is quoted as saying, “To date, no pathogens have been able to survive contact with silver.”

This silver is also a powerful tissue-healing agent, so much so that it has been used topically for decades in burn centers and currently represents one of the fastest growing sectors – if not the fastest sector – in wound care today.

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What makes Arise! different than other silvers?

Ionic Silver

After doing much research on silver, here's the best one we have to offer to you. Here's what we've found: This one is not JUST an Ionic Silver!

  • The product Arise! contains a base of an Ionic Mineral supplement with 78 naturally occurring minerals. Also present in the mineral base are plant based amino acids and enzymes. This is not just any mineral supplement, but a highly technical exclusive process only known to a few companies worldwide. It uses no heat or chemicals for extraction. The raw materials are from an ancient lake bed which has the Fulvic Acid still present. Fulvic Acid is the by-product of the digestive process of thousands of microbes in healthy soil. The Fulvic Acid then converts the minerals in the soil to an organic form which is then bio-available to the body. A process much like what happens through photosynthesis in plants; taking up nutrients into the plant in a form that can be used.
  • Silver and other Ionic Elements were added. Silver is present in a ratio to make it 200 ppm in strength. This Silver has many different uses, among the best known is its ability for being anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Other ionic elements were also added: gold, copper, iridium, and rhodium for their varied benefits. Gold is known as a magnifier of processes occurring in the body; copper as a conductor throughout the body, and iridium and rhodium are manufactured in the brain for healthy brain function.
  • Essential Oils were also added for their qualities. The company, Oil In My Lamp LLC consulted with the best in the business for the purchasing of oils. Essential Oils (or copals), are very powerful and effective for lots of different uses. You must use a therapeutic grade of essential oil to get a “medicinal” effect though. They chose five oils to make a blend of, which are known for their effectiveness in killing viruses, bacteria and mold, all of which are helpful in fighting against illness and help detoxify the body. The blend includes: oregano, rose, clove, cinnamon bark and orange.

With all the research on the benefits of Silver, take responsibility for your family’s health and prepare for any emergency. By having something in your home like an Ionic Silver, which has such a broad spectrum of uses, you can now be more confident and self- reliant in the care of your family.

Information on this page is used with permission from Oil In My Lamp LLC

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Are you using Silver for Health?

"Born with a Silver Spoon" - Silver represents both wealth and health. Share a story of how using ionic or colloidal silver is helping in your home.

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Ionic Silver is Our Family's
Natural Antibiotic
I’ve been using colloidal silver for years and have had great success. Ionic Silver is a newly patented product that works even better than colloidal silver. …

stomach flu, pink eye, those who can't swallow pills, ear ache Not rated yet
When we start to feel like the stomach flu is coming on, we use small amounts of this orally. It seems to ward it off, or lessen the severity of the flu. …

Ionic Silver Helps
Athletes Foot and Acne
 Not rated yet
My son left to serve in a foreign mission for our church. While in the training center he had many roommates, a lot of them were bothered by athletes foot. …

Sniffing Ionic Silver Helped My Sinus Infection Not rated yet
I recently had a sinus infection that was unlike any sinus infection I had ever experienced. The breaking point for me was when I was driving through …

It Cleared My Sinuses Not rated yet
I recently had a bad cold and my nose was getting really stuffed up. My mom told me I should use this ionic silver to clear it up. I didn't really …

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