The Spice of Life!

by Melonie

I love diffusing Spice Traders (or any Essential Oil for that matter) in my home! The high anti-viral, anti-bacterial ones are always good during the winter months.

The properties are then dispersed throughout the air in my home. I put my diffuser right by the door so unwanted germs are caught as they enter!

This winter my 5 year old got sick, and I just put the diffuser in her room. I diluted the oil and also rubbed it on her chest. This helped her sleep at night while making the air better for her to breathe while she was sick.

I keep the diffuser running. If I am in a different mood, I can change it to citrus or even lavender to create the atmosphere I want. It keeps my home smelling good and brings a wonderful "life" into the room while also cleaning the air!


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Feb 24, 2010
I LOVE My Diffuser
by: S. Baird

I agree with diffusing essential oils in your home. I'm NOT comfortable with spraying Lysol around my home. I prefer the natural effects of diffusing essential oils to make my home smell wonderful and for killing germs.

Not only does it smell good and kill germs but it is also very good for you to inhale. Whenever we arrive home we diffuse the oil in the air to kill any germs that we may have brought home with us.

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