stomach flu, pink eye, those who can't swallow pills, ear ache

by Joan E
(Nibley, Utah)

When we start to feel like the stomach flu is coming on, we use small amounts of this orally. It seems to ward it off, or lessen the severity of the flu. We used to use essential oils on the stomach, but the kids began to complain it made them even feel nauseated. No complaints on the silver because it is nearly tasteless. Because of that, I use it in place of a lot of other medicines they don't like. It worked well for the ones who could not swallow capsules or tablets.

Love it for pink eye. My son would get pink eye once a year. I would carry a small bottle of silver around in my pocket, and give him a little squirt every hour and a half or so. I only had to do that for about two days, and it was gone. I saw lots of other moms do it with the same results.

Once I had the most painful earache. It was so bad, that I reached for the strongest over the counter pain pill I could find. It didn't even change it to the least degree. So my wise daughter told me to try the silver. She put 3-5 drops directly in my ear. IMMEDIATELY the pain began to subside. I was shocked that it could work so well, and so quickly. After about 20 minutes, the pain was gone, and the only discomfort was a swollen ear canal.

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