Sniffing Ionic Silver Helped My Sinus Infection

by Mandy W

I recently had a sinus infection that was unlike any sinus infection I had ever experienced. The breaking point for me was when I was driving through a nearby canyon with my husband and daughter. Due to the altitude change, the pressure in my head became too much to handle. My ears popped, which is normal, but what wasn't normal was the clear fluid that drained from my ear. Immediately after that, my right eye began to throb, my teeth on my right side began to ache and my ear, along with my throat, hurt.

At that point I was nearly ready to go to the pharmacy and try anything that they would give me. I am pregnant and I knew that my options would be few and far between, if there even was one. Luckily, I had a friend that gave me the idea to sniff ionic silver. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and wondered why I hadn't come up with it myself!

She gave me a nasal spray bottle, and I filled it with ionic silver. I did not dilute it. I just used it straight. And after blowing my nose, I would quickly spray a few squirts into my nasal cavity, and then sniff it up into my sinuses.

It helped immediately with the pressure! I was so relieved! I continued to do this every half hour for the first two hours, and then after that I did it every two hours. It didn't take long for my sinus infection to clear up, and breathing became easier once again.

As a side note...

I was worried at first that it might hurt or burn when I sprayed the ionic silver into my nose. That was not the case in my situation, and after talking to other people that have done it, they all commented that it didn't hurt them either. So if that was one thing that may have prevented you from trying it, you can knock that worry off your list!

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