Lots of snow does not equal lots of water! lol

by Wendy
(Minnesota )

I lived by myself in a 2 room cabin in Northeast Minnesota. Summer was not bad without water as I had a lake and spring nearby, and I'd drive there with my water cooler in hand and used jugs of water. If I ran to town for groceries, I'd stop at the local McDonald's and wash my hair & bathe in the bathroom. I also washed my clothes at the local laundromat.

My first winter there was an eye opener! I thought I'd use snow to be wash my dishes in..! Lots of snow doesn't make lots of water!! Believe me!! I learned the hard way. So if I was in town visiting friends or family, I'd fill up my jugs or coolers.

I reused dish water to wash my hair (providing it was clean enough) and to bathe. Often I used baby wipes to keep my body clean. Dry shampoo worked fairly well but baking soda sprinkled on dirty hair works,too. I had no electricity and wood heat, propane stove, no lights and no experience! I got quite an adventure!! No running water or electricity made me the out of the box thinker I am today!! Praise God for getting me through all the troubles and trials!!

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