Great Garlic

by Linda Mount

We harvested our garlic today. It is GORGEOUS! I have never seen such beautiful garlic. (I believe it is the Ukraine Garlic, and we got 5x more than we started with.)

How long should I dry it before storing it?

Also, can I grow good garlic from the sets at the top of the plant, or should I only grow it from the cloves?

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Aug 12, 2011
Storing Garlic & Garlic Seeds
by: Jennifer

Store your new garlic in a dry cool area until you're ready to plant it. If you're saving some of it to eat this winter, store it in a dry cool area until you're ready to eat it. A flat cardboard box works great.

You can experiment with growing garlic from mature seeds at the top of the scape. The most successful way to grow new garlic is from garlic cloves.

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