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Seafood Salad

Who would have guessed that the main ingredient in this seafood salad recipe is cracked wheat.

You've gotta try it. I love it!

A great addition to your food storage recipes.

by Melonie Turley

  • 2 c. cooked cracked wheat- (1 ¾ c. water and 1 c. coarse cracked wheat. Boil water, add wheat, simmer 20 min.)
    See Cracked Wheat Cereal.

  • 1 small can tuna

  • ½ c. mayonnaise

  • ¼ c. ketchup

  • 5 dried tomatoes/ 1 fresh diced (Cut dried into small pieces)

  • Optional: Dried or fresh green peppers, onions, celery

Mix all ingredients well. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Serve with tortilla chips and salsa.

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