How to Store Apples

Learn how to store apples and keep them fresh all winter.

Storing Apples Collage

  • Store your fresh apples that don’t have wormholes or bad spots. Wrap each apple in a piece of newspaper.
  • Place the apples inside a plastic bag. Put the bag of apples inside an apple box. This bag is tied off with a string or rubber band.
  • The plastic bag keeps them from drying out. The paper wrapping will help absorb the moisture from any apples that may spoil. If one apple goes bad, separating the apples with paper keeps the other apples from spoiling.
  • Put the boxes of apples in a refrigerator or other cold storage area. Apples keep best if they’re stored at a temperature of 35-40° F.
  • Apples that are stored this way keep through the winter and stay firm and crisp.

Preserving Apples - 4 Other Ways

Making apple juice, apple cider, applesauce, or dehydrated apples are some of the other ways to preserve your apples. Click on the links below to learn how.

You can use an apple press to make apple cider or a steamer juicer to make homemade apple juice. Apple juice/cider is very good when mixed half and half with grape juice. Nothing added just pure 100% juice.

Making applesauce is simple when you use a steamer juicer to soften your apples and a Victorian strainer to grind the apples into sauce.

Dehydrated apples make a nutritious treat. It just takes a few minutes to load your apples onto the dehydrating trays. So Easy.

There are many ways to start preserving apples. Try some or all of these methods.

Happy Eating!

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