Why Lids to Canning
Jars Do Not Seal

by Jennifer Willis
(Provident Living Today)

  1. Using make-shift supplies

    • Lids are not accurate width or ride on edge of jar

    • Sealing edges are not level - have dips

    • Used one piece caps instead of screw band

  2. Using screw bands that are not in good condition (dents, rusty spots or pried up edges)

  3. Not screwing band tight against sealing edge before processing

  4. Using jars with nicks or cracks on sealing surface or have sharp sealing edge

  5. Failure to wipe seal clean (can permit air to seep back into jar)

  6. Food, seeds, or grease lodged between lid and jar when liquid is lost during processing (prevents seal or responsible for release of seal later)

  7. Lack of Heat

Reasons for Failure in Canning
Utah State University Cooperative Extension

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