Whole Grain Stuffing

by Carol Sinenko
(Kenai, Alaska, USA)

1 cup pearled barley (or hull-less variety of choice)
1 cup whole wheat berries
1 cup rice
3 Tbsp quinoa (red looks nice)
3 Tbsp dry onion flakes
3 Tbsp dry celery
2 tsp dry rubbed sage
3 Tbsp soup base (chicken or vegetable flavor seems best)
Replace this soup base and an equal portion of water with 1 can of broth or 1 pint of home canned broth

2 Tbsp butter or oil or drippings (if you are stuffing this into a bird for roasting.. you will not need extra oil)
Salt and Pepper to taste
6 cups water
* * * * *
{This makes a LOT}

1) Soak the whole Wheat berries in 2 cups of water overnight
2) Add 4 cups of water (remember if you are replacing powdered soup base with broth, calculate your water needs now and add that broth as part of the total water measure)
3) Add remaining grains
4) Heat to boiling
5) Remove from heat
6) Add remaining ingredients
7) Cover and cook the mixture by either simmering it on the stove top until grains are done or by baking it in a 350 F oven for about 40 minutes. Keep an eye on the stuffing if simmering on stove top. Add water and stir as necessary to prevent sticking and burning.
8) Cool mixture enough to handle and stuff your bird. and Bake the bird of your choice as you usually do. Enjoy!
If you are NOT stuffing this mixture into a bird - you may need bake it longer and add additional water to keep the grains moist

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