What do you do to prevent your canning bottles from loosing fluid during processing?

by Linda
(Alhambra, CA)

Hi! I just wanted to report on the canning problem you helped me resolve. (loosing fluid during processing of canning jars in canner)

I followed your instructions:

Do not overfill bottles; do not overtighten rings; let bottles stay in canner for 20 min or more after the heat is turned off (do not remove boiling water canner lid during this time). Then I pulled the bottles up with the rack and let them sit another 20+ min before moving them to the counter.

I only had one bottle with noticeable fluid loss. To me this was a huge success.

Also, I did reuse just one lid to try out your experience and the bottle did seal. Amazing.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me so long on the phone.

Someday it would be nice to meet you. Linda

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