Spoiled Beans

I have been canning for years. This is the first time I lost all my beans. I prepared them as usual. Did the water bath canner for 30 minutes, all the jars did the ping thing when I took them out and a week later everything was unsealed and working. What went wrong? Could the beans have been too old or the lids not any good? I always use new lids and make sure they are hot when put on the jars.

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Aug 20, 2015
Experience is a great teacher.
by: Anonymous

OMG!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I did the exact same thing and 3 days later I tried eating the beans I canned the they had a strong metallic taste. I'm just so glad I found this out now and not in an emergency situation.

Jul 27, 2014
by: Marti

Beans need to be pressured...whether they are green beans or whether they are dried beans. There simply is not enough acid to just water bath them. If you never have had your beans go bad before, you were lucky. Get yourself a pressure canner and then you should be fine.

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