Public School Conspiracy

A major part of the great conspiracy is to separate people from God. The public school has played a major role in moving this agenda forward.

In the first amendment it says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. . .”

Those who are part of orchestrating this public school conspiracy have twisted and distorted the meaning of the 1st Amendment. The religion of atheism has been established and forced upon us, and it is now illegal or prohibited to worship the true and living God in the public schools.

These taxes pay for a “Free Educational System” that we may or may not want to participate in. We can’t use our own tax money to pay for the educational system of our choice.

The government can now “re-educate” the rising generation. “Free” public education is a powerful tactic that conspirators have used throughout the ages to change the mindset and moral fabric of a nation.

We are forced to pay for an educational system that teaches our children the religion of atheism.

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For the children
by: Allison

Many evil conspiracies have been hatched and destructive forces have attempted to destroy the family under the auspices of this one phrase: "Oh, it's for the children." Our public educational system is one of them...

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