Oregano vs the Common Cold

by Mandy W.

During the winter months, my husband carries around a little vial of Oregano Blend Oil (1 part concentrate oregano and 5 parts high quality olive oil). Any time he would feel a little tickle in his throat, he would take a dropper full, and because of this he averted several colds and flues.

One particular day he went on a snowmobile ride with friends where he took his bottle of oil. One of his friends was coughing the whole time, and sounded miserable.

About part way through the day, my husband offered some oregano oil to his friend. His friend was to the point where he would try anything, and so he gave it a shot. He instantly found relief in this throat and his nasal passages cleared. He also quit coughing.

Now, when we take oregano oil, we don't just swallow it as quickly as we can. We try to let it sit in the back of our throat for a few seconds before swallowing. We have found that this helps clear out the sinuses a little more quickly.

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