Mom had these too

by Joanne

My mother was a great gardener and we definitely lived the dollar a day lifestyle. The only store bought canned foods in my mom's cupboard were tuna and green peas. We canned 100 quarts green beans every year 100-200 quarts of tomatoes, 1 acre of potatoes were grown and dug, no cake mixes everything from scratch.

I have a depression chocolate cake recipe that needed no eggs or fats. My mother had a beautiful patch of these onions in Minnesota. I had never seen them anywhere else before. I unfortunately have not done as well, but when I do use my skills people always love it.

One year we had way too many cucumbers from a friend's garden. My son and I made 100 quarts of dill pickles pretty soon everyone was asking us to bring pickles to dinners. They didn,t even make it to Christmas!

I have started food storage,and am just accumulating for myself, 4 children, spouses, and grand children. This year I canned 4 crates of peaches and 50 applesauce. I am going to each child's house and reminding them how to can and leaving the food with them.

I am thankful I have these skills. I hope to learn from you how to use dried foods in storage better don't have much experience at that.

Love your site,

Joanne Minnesota

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