Lost liquid when pressure cooking vegetables

I am new to canning and just finished a batch of corn in my pressure cooker. I blanched it before hand, left a 1" space at the top & followed the directions for the canner, leaving the jars in the cooker until all pressure was off (over 30 minutes), pulled the jars out and left undisturbed on the counter over night. They looked good and I heard all the lids "pop" as they cooled. However, in the morning the fluid level was down to about half the corn height.

I read the list of possible reasons and I can not pin point any specific reason so I will have to be extra extra diligent next time to see where I am going wrong. My question at this point however is - is the corn ruined? I have noticed that canned corn purchased from the supermarket does not have enough liquid to cover ...

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Oct 10, 2012
Probably Okay
by: Jennifer, Provident Living Today

I have had jars of vegetables that have lost a little of the liquid and found the vegetables to be just fine.

Just to be safe, you might want to take the corn out of the bottle and freeze it.

I personally, have never canned corn. It takes too long to process the corn, so I always freeze my corn.

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