Kennedy Assassinations

In order to see a conspiracy you simply have to believe the legitimate information that you already have access to and be skeptical of the information provided by the supposed "experts".

Consider this:

When President John F.Kennedy was shot, the film showed his head kick back and pieces of his head were spread over the back of the limo in which he was riding. Jackie Kennedy immediately tried to crawl out of the back of the limo but was shoved back into the car which sped away.

The official explanation was that he was shot by an inexperienced rifleman at over 100 yards away that was behind him. I find this explanation totally implausible.

I have shot deer at relatively close range and have observed how the bodies move. I have actually observed pieces near the exit wound flying in the direction of the bullet that caused the wound. There is very little splatter from the entry wound.

The movement of President Kennedy when he was shot and the resulting movement of pieces of the back of his skull indicates that he was shot by the passenger in the front seat of the limo. Jackie saw this which caused her to try to escape because she would have naturally assumed that she was next.

Lyndon Johnson and George Bush (a member of the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination) had to be in on the assassination.

Why would they kill Kennedy?

Kennedy was considering revoking the private monopoly of the Federal Reserve, and the US was still printing silver certificates and minting silver coinage. As soon as he was gone, they started making sandwich coins and printing an increased number of federal reserve notes. This allowed the federal reserve to print as much money as they wanted and gave them unmatched power and control over the US economy.

Think about it!

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never heard this one before
by: chris

Never heard it this way before but it makes sense. I always just knew in my gut that Ozwald was just a fall guy and Jack Ruby was an insider but I never realized George B. was on the warren commission.
Now to motive, this is the first time i heard one that makes sense. all others look like smoke screens compared to the money and power in this federal reserve motive.
Im a nam vet and go with my gut feeling this is spot on.

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